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Paneer recipe without onion and garlic. Paneer capsicum/shimla mirch, chole/chickpea masala recipe without onion and garlic. Easy to make this recipe at home in restaurant style for vegetarian which can be enjoyed during festival.  I would like to show you how to cook paneer shimla mirch masala recipe no onion no garlic version. Without onion … Continue reading Paneer capsicum chole masala recipe without onion and garlic


  Spine gourd (Kantola or Kakrol)  is one of the famous nutritious vegetable. (Kantola or Kakrol) Kantola vegetable is round in size. This vegetable is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions as well. It is in highly demand among vegetarians. We had almost forgotten about this vegetable.  So I am happy to cook this recipe … Continue reading Kantola Fry Recipe or Kakrol Fry Recipe, How to Cook Kakrol Fry Recipe